Living Her Passion - Abigail Ervin

Abigail Ervin creating an original art piece

Abigail Ervin creating an original art piece

Abigail Ervin does not know what she is doing or where she is going. She does not like to sit still or wear shoes. In fact, she does not like peas. Most of the time the only thing she is very certain of is that she likes to make art—and lots of it.

After being born into an artistic family, Abigail spent her childhood first in Tujunga Valley, California, and then in the tiny town of Neligh, Nebraska, where it seemed her desire to create was deep in her genes. Just like many others, Abigail started drawing as a toddler. The only difference is that she never stopped. Later after she graduated from high school and realized she needed to fund her wanderlust to see the world, she began selling her drawings. After funding a large portion of a trip to Africa with her earnings, Abigail happily recognized it was possible to make an income from her art. Since then, she has traveled to England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, India, and throughout the United States, gathering life-altering experiences that shine through all her creations.

Once she developed a style and story, Abigail focused on placing her art in shows and markets while creating new pieces, marketing herself, and learning how to be a successful entrepreneur. Abigail, who openly admits she just fell into this role, is embracing the unknowns that come with being an artist in a competitive world. She says that if she had to pick a message behind her art it would be the same message she follows in her faith: truth, beauty, and goodness. Abigail adds, “The truth is that the world is always moving, changing, and judging us. Still, we’re not as alone as we think we are.”

An Abigail Ervin original

An Abigail Ervin original

Abigail’s art can be described as both inspiring and honest as she often provides her audience with a glimpse into her heart, her sufferings, her love, and her hope for the future. Her commissions include not only self-portraits but also beautiful artwork for wedding events, greeting cards, booklets, tote bags, and t-shirts. Abigail’s future aspirations include writing and illustrating a children’s book, creating murals, and attending markets outside of the United States. She states, “My eyes have always seen a little bit further than the rest of my body, but I’ve never really seen that as a bad thing.”

Throughout her journey, Abigail has been supported by her family as well as Cameron, the love of her life who has been by her side through thick and thin. She loves interacting with her audience who often tell her that her art is relatable, which she says is a funny coincidence since she spent much of her life feeling she was not relatable. Today, she is gratified knowing that her artwork is helping others around the world who have endured the same struggles as she did in high school and beyond.

Now twenty-three, Abigail is busy juggling art projects and commissions along with a part-time job as a barista at a local coffee shop where she also handles social media and menu design. She states that although she has gained much from pursuing her passion, she is most proud of the confidence she has built to say (and believe), “I can do this.” Abigail advises others to pursue what they love. “If it’s something that makes you feel like you matter and it’s something that’s not hurting you or other people, then what are you waiting for? Something like that can only be good. Nothing ever happens if you don’t actually get up and go.”

Roger Fry once said, “Art is a passion or it is nothing.” When viewing Abigail Ervin’s art, one can see straight into her soul, a compassionate place that has seen its share of pain but now helps others know that they are never alone, and that there is always beauty in the darkness.

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