About Vicky

Vicky DeCoster is a Certified Life Transitions Coach based in Omaha, Nebraska, who has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. While guiding her clients down a transitional path where visions become reality, she focuses on helping them find clarity, identify passions, and create the kind of positive change that leads to inner-peace and fulfillment.

Vicky has nearly 30 years of diverse experience that includes two decades spent in the corporate world and several years as a blogger and freelance writer who has penned feature articles and humorous essays for magazines, web sites, and books. In addition, she is the author of three books in the Wacky Womanhood series and has managed a successful consulting business since 1999. 

When she was in her mid-thirties, Vicky faced a crossroads in her own life. While immersed in what had become an unfulfilling job, she decided to walk through her fears and start her own company—a choice that ultimately changed her life and propelled her toward her purpose. As she transformed into a solo entrepreneur, Vicky learned to rely on her intuition, positive inner-talk, and her years of varied experience to help her clients fulfill their own goals.

Vicky earned her Life Coach certification from the accredited Coach Training Alliance. In her life coaching blog, she combines her love of nature photography with uplifting posts that provide inspiration for anyone seeking positive change in life. Vicky and her husband of twenty-six years have two adult children and live in Omaha, Nebraska, with their very spoiled chocolate Labrador retriever.

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