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What Clients Are Saying About Vicky:

“In the Olympics, gold medal winners have achieved their ultimate goal with years of hard work, an ability to overcome setbacks, and the support and encouragement of great coaches. In the game of life, we are also confronted with hurdles that can make us stumble, deviate, or hesitate in our own pursuit of excellence. When I hit one of these bumps in the road, I am thankful to have a life coach like Vicky DeCoster. Vicky has an unparalleled gift for listening to a problem or situation, identifying the circumstances from which it arose, and calmly offering a perspective that makes the obstacle not as nearly as daunting as it originally appeared. In fact, with her wisdom, poise, and experience, she often makes me realize these roadblocks are actual opportunities. Vicky has helped me develop the necessary insights, strategies, and confidence to succeed both personally and professionally.”
—Jon W., California
“I had a very secure employment situation for 22 years of my life when I suddenly found myself having to make some very big decisions when my position was eliminated due to a reorganization. Although I had promoted myself internally, I felt very lost when contemplating how to sell myself outside of my company. Thank goodness for the close family friend who told me about Vicky DeCoster. I had never met with a life coach before and I didn’t really know what to expect. I felt immediately at ease during our first meeting and walked away with a confidence and clarity that I did not have before speaking with Vicky. My husband noticed an immediate difference! I have continued to work with Vicky through this life change and she always finds the right questions to ask and provides me with peace of mind in the process. The question my husband tends to ask me when we discuss new developments in my career path is, “Do you need to meet with Vicky?” I recommend her to everyone I talk to who may need the same type of coaching and clarity. She truly has a gift for helping you find the gifts you already have and the strength to make the changes you know you need to make to live your authentic life.”
—Carrie R., Nebraska
When I reached out to Vicky about coaching, I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I knew was that I was unhappy in my current professional role and had no idea where to begin to fix it … From the first meeting with Vicky, I could tell the coaching was going to be a benefit. As I began to apply for jobs, she not only helped me put together an amazing resume, but also coached me for upcoming interviews. When I became discouraged along the way, she kept me on the path and reminded me why I was doing what I was doing. It wasn’t just helping me find a new job either. Through meetings with Vicky, I decided to return to college to obtain my degree. I now am on the path to fulfilling a lifetime goal.

If a person is unsure about what they want to do for a career, unhappy in their current one, or just need help navigating the tough parts of life, Vicky is the perfect fit. She will guide you come to your own conclusions. I couldn’t have asked for a better life coach. Vicky is absolutely amazing at what she does, enough said!
— Josh M.
“Vicky’s wise and compassionate heart, combined with her delightful sense of humor and razor sharp mind, help her to be always on the lookout for new and creative possibilities for her clients. Vicky is like a sparkler—bright and dynamic, full of energy, reaching out to connect with many potential solutions, and offering helpful and insightful suggestions that always bring me new awareness.”
—Penelope C., Colorado
“I don’t believe that Vicky DeCoster knew the internal struggles I was having when I first met with her. I was being pulled in different directions due to personal and professional stagnation, the anxiety of finishing college with nothing planned next, and a lack of self-motivation. My first meeting with Vicky changed my outlook for the next chapter of my life. She helped me identify my strengths and also urged me to use them. Since that first meeting, I have set achievable goals, found a stable state of mind, and landed my dream job. All in all, I highly recommend Vicky to anyone trying to figure out their next step in life. She will be genuine and care wholeheartedly for you. I cannot thank her enough and am looking forward to continuing working with her.”
—Eric M., Nebraska
“Vicky brought clarity and perspective at a time when I was questioning choices I made in the past and needed direction. Her unique insight led me to acceptance, and allowed me to embrace the possibilities for the life of contentment that I so craved. She helped me focus on all I already had to be grateful for, which in turn gave me renewed enthusiasm for the future.
Vicky is a gem!”
—Susan K., Nebraska
Sometimes life does not turn out how we plan. We may not feel fulfilled anymore. Sometimes we are at a crossroads. I am a firm believer in mentors and leaders. The good ones can be rare to find, but you know one when you meet one. I found just that with Vicky DeCoster. The professionalism and intelligence she shares with you is one-of-a-kind. Although I thought I just needed a little help with my resume, it turned out I needed much more. It is my honor that we met and that I got the chance to work with her. I highly recommend Vicky!
—Jennifer N., Nebraska
“Vicky truly listens in a way that’s rare and sometimes surprising. She takes everything I say into account and is flexible in her recommendations. After encouraging me to set goals that are clearly mine, Vicky enriches those with practical methods of attaining those goals. I would recommend Vicky to any person for any reason. No matter what is keeping you from where you want to be, I have no doubt that Vicky can help you.
—David L., Nebraska
“I am very fortunate to have had Vicky DeCoster as a trusted coach throughout several career transitions over the years. She has not only helped me focus on job possibilities in my field, but has also followed me through each step of the process. Additionally, Vicky continues to help me focus on myself physically and spiritually, encourages me to laugh to calm my nerves, and guides me to find life balance during times when I am feeling discouraged and scared. Most importantly, Vicky has coached me to identify my strengths, discover what I need to be happy, and not settle for something that is not going to fulfill my needs.”
—LeAnna M., Iowa
“I’m a 37-year old single mother who has been trying to find the right balance between work and a personal life since my divorce six years ago. I’ve gone to counseling in past relationships when issues would arise, but by then it was often too late. For the last 6 months, I’ve been dating a wonderful man. Of course, it was inevitable that old fears and insecurities would crop up on both sides as my boyfriend and I got to know more about each other. Fortunately, a friend referred us to Vicky before we were thrown too far off course. Vicky provided guidance and even assigned homework over a series of sessions, so we could take inventory of our relationship and evaluate our true feelings for one another. Immediately, the communication, trust, and intimacy between my boyfriend and me improved. I never thought a life coach could help me in a personal relationship, but setting my ego aside and putting my faith in Vicky has given me a whole new perspective on love and life. Her guidance and support has been a blessing!”
—Kirsten D., California